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Funny, how a motorcycle can form an immediate bond between perfect strangers, I have encountered that a number of times lately.

Kirschblüten Ortenau (7)I work for television and have taken up writing as well. My next book, a travel guide for bikers to the Black Forest (Southern Germany), is due to be published in autumn and I am in the middle of research and photo shoots. On the Harley of course.

Seelbach (13)The more people I meet, the more I am fascinated by the power of my bike as a common denominator; it immediately establishes trust because you know, you share an experience, a dream even.

Even in places that have absolutely nothing to do with bikes or bikers, I find them, those who have the same passion.

Seelbach (15)

In a pottery in Seelbach I met a wonderful guy called Georg the other day. Turns out he used to have a bike as well…

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Motorcycle Camping in Australia

Motorcycle Camping Do’s & Don’ts

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We have written not so long ago about the dangers of camping fires, but we forgot to mention the “camping” aspect. Camping is a popular activity for motorcycle riders the world over. Not only is it cheaper than hotels, but we continue enjoying a certain amount of freedom that hotels or motels do not offer. The brotherhood (and sisterhood) of bikers often continue when camping. What can be more fun that living “outdoors” with likeminded bikers?

So here are few things you need to take into consideration when camping.

What To Take?

That is always the big question; what can you take with you. If you are traveling in a cage, it is less of a problem, but traveling on a motorcycle, especially when you are riding two-up, it becomes a real issue. Space is at a premium, and you need to have good motorcycle bags.

If you are…

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‘The Devils Ride’: Discovery’s real-life ‘Sons of Anarchy’

On May 8, Discovery debuts The Devils Ride, a new reality show that follows the San Diego motorcycle club Laffing Devils. The network thinks of the show, exec-produced by The Wonder Years’ Jason Hervey, as the real-life Sons of Anarchy. Watch our exclusive preview below, and see if you agree. “The local police department follow us because they think that we’re criminals,” says Laffing Devils president Gipsy, who, like half the guys in the club, is ex-military – they miss the brotherhood and adrenaline of the service and find it in the club. Adding some drama: San Diego has roughly 30 to 40 motorcycle clubs, which means you have to know what area you’re riding into, and of course, some members want to raise a little more hell than others…